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Welcome to Franz For The House!!

I am Andrew Franz, and I’m running because I want to make this State and the mighty 47th District a better place to work, live, and raise a family.

Our State and district have so much potential, we are truly surrounded by opportunity. But we have to seize this opportunity, we have to do better then we are right now.

We can do it!

We can make the business climate better by bringing accountability and transparence back to Olympia. We don’t accept mysterious billion dollar budget turn-arounds while we have a record 17% increase in State spending. We make it a better place to work by implementing real fixes for our States transportation issues, and we stop taxing and regulating small business until they are out-of-business.

We make this a better place to live by insuring that we get to choose the best way to use our land not be told how to use our land by State and County government and that WE are not forced out of our homes by growing property taxes.

We make our district a better place to raise a family, by removing the predators and meth labs from our streets, and insuring that our children have the best education in the country and are competitive in the global economy.

It takes vision to make things better, it takes action, it takes leadership. For 16 years I have served our country as an Army Officer in the most difficult environments around the world, and have commanded a Special Forces team in combat during the invasion of Iraq. Now as an assistant professor at Seattle University I teach management and leadership to the future leaders of our world. While working at Seattle U I noticed a need in the community to bridge educational and cultural differences and created a program four years ago that has provided over 2800 hours of reading and math tutoring to low income, at risk children.

In my spare time I was elected to the board of directors of the Western Washington Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration, and last year started a real estate development company…this winter with a little luck, I will graduate with honors with a master’s degree in Public Administration.

You could say I know a little bit about vision, action and leadership.

I know that to make our community a better place to work, live, and raise a family it will take all of us working together, not partisan infighting and a special interest agenda, but bridging differences and finding real solutions for the common good.

I tell my students that Leadership is one part vision, and two parts determination. I share your vision for a better community for our businesses, our children, and our homes. I have the determination to make our vision a reality, send me to Olympia in November and let’s get busy making our future.

Andrew's students speak out!!

Andrew is a dedicated teaching professional, committed to the success and development of his students.

This is what his students at Seattle University had to say about him on a recent student survey.

“What a great man, the best instructor, very interesting”
“Highly motivating, high expectations, always available”
“Highly effective, treats everyone with respect”
“Really made you become a leader, makes you do good in everything, excellent!”

We deserve someone in Olympia who will represent us that has high expectations of government, will demand excellence, is highly effective, treats everyone with respect, and is ALWAYS available!

Upcoming Events

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